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In Massachusetts, your ability to make a living is protected by stringent employment laws. If you have experienced injustice in the workplace, you could be owed significant compensation. At Tempus Fugit Law, we help local workers and employers hold each other accountable and find agreeable solutions for their legal issues that pertain to employment. Our track record of success in handling cases of discrimination, Wage Act complaints, sexual harassment, retaliation, wrongful termination, 1099 worker misclassification, wage and hour violations, unpaid unemployment benefits and related issues for both workers and the entities who hire them, has helped establish us as the go-to law firm for Boston employment lawyers.


Don't let financial constraints prevent you from finding justice. Contingency based payment plans for legal representation are available. 

Positive feedback from those who have relied on us for Boston employment lawyers brings us great pride. Adam S. shares his experience in a 5-star Google review, “Gil and his team are absolutely incredible. I thought that I didn't have a chance with my former employer. Not only was Gil and his team incredibly reassuring and confident, they took the time to lay out a very detailed plan. I left their office that day with full confidence, and they delivered. Thank you again everyone!”

Robert M. comments the effectiveness of our services from the perspective of an employer, “I highly recommend Tempus Fugit Law to other small business owners out there that need help in regards to employment related guidance. Gil is extremely knowledgeable about the law and requirements of business owners in MA and was able to provide me with the proper guidance and support to make the best decision for my organization. I can't say enough about Gil and Tempus Fugit Law.”

Our Team Is Ready to Help You with Your Employment Litigation Disputes Including:

  • Wage Theft
  • Discrimination
  • Defamation
  • Severance Agreements 
  • Business Torts 
  • Non-Competition/Solicitation
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Employee Contracts
  • Internal Investigations
  • Non-Compete Agreements/Secrets
  • Wrongful Termination
  • Contract Disputes
  • Unpaid Hours and Wages 
  • Retaliation and Whistleblower Claims
  • Unpaid Commission
  • And much more

With our team of Boston employment lawyers on your side, you can be confident that whatever forum your case is taken to, you will have strong representation. We will relentlessly advocate on your behalf through preemptive actions like mediation and alternative resolution disputes (ADRs) as well as before decision making bodies like the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (MCAD) and Massachusetts Labor Board. Of course, if these efforts don’t yield desired results, we are always ready to take your case to a Massachusetts court room. Fortunately, our reputation for successful formal litigation often results in generous settlement offers long before a scheduled court date.

At Tempus Fugit Law, we believe your ability to find justice should not be dependent on your personal financial standing. We make our services available to everyone with flexible payment plans to match any budget. Even if upfront payment is not an option, we may be able to work with you on a contingency basis. That means our payment is not required until you receive the compensation you are entitled to.

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Small Company Gets Overloaded with Paperwork

Represented a small company against a Fortune 500 company. Although the defendant dumped hundreds of thousands of documents in a purposefully disorganized manner, we found information buried in excel spreadsheets and digital communications that helped us to mediate a seven figure settlement.
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Independent Contractor Living Abroad Gets Terminated

Represented an independent contractor living abroad who had been terminated by a multi international corporation. We believed our client was inappropriately designated and was therefore denied proper wages and benefits. We were able to settle before filing our federal court complaint.
Tempus Fugit's Tenacity Proves Successful for Boston Business Litigation Client

Tempus Fugit’s Tenacity Proves Successful for Boston Biotech Business Litigation Client

I discovered my business was damaged, and was not sure where to turn to or what legal remedies, if any were possible. I turned to Tempus Fugit, and after a brief interview of my situation, I was told I had a case. A video meeting followed, with Attorneys Schipani and Hamdan, the key points were gathered and they quickly put together a course of action. I was hand held and assured through the entire process, as I had never been in such a predicament before, and Alexis consoled me through the entire process as we worked as a team to bring about a quick resolution. I can’t thank Alexis enough for her candidness, tenacity and professionalism. I would highly recommend Tempus Fugit.

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"I am happy with their employment law service and would highly recommend them. Gil and his team are not just incredibly professional, knowledgeable, but also care about you as a person. They are responsive and patient, addressed my concerns and explained everything along the way. I will definitely go back to them if I need a lawyer in the future."

Pei Z. – Five-Star Google Review

"I highly recommend Tempus Fugit Law to other small business owners out there that need help in regard to employment-related guidance.  Gil is extremely knowledgeable about the law and requirements of business owners in MA and was able to provide me with the proper guidance and support to make the best decision for my organization.  I can't say enough about Gil and Tempus Fugit Law."

Robert M. – Five-Star Google Review

"Long story short, I started to slowly notice that my paychecks weren't adding up.  To add to it, several other coworkers of mine started to notice it as well. We really didn't know where to go or who to turn to as our employer wasn't a small company by any means. We found Mr. Gil and his team and after our first meeting, we felt confident for once! Fast forward to the present. Turns out we were owed unpaid wages! Gil and his team helped us out more than we could have imagined. They fight for you tooth and nail, and never take no for an answer or waiver from their commitment. We are so thankful for what they have done and we can't thank them enough. Thank you, Tempus Fugit Law!"

Jimmy S. – Five-Star Google Review