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Jeffrey C. – Five-Star Google Review

“I hired Alexis, and it’s been the best experience ever! I’m not one to leave reviews, but I just had to! The amount of service I received and her compassion – I’ve never received from any professional, in any industry! I thank Google for getting me to land on her page!”

Boston, Massachusetts Business Litigation Client

“I discovered my business was damaged, and was not sure where to turn to or what legal remedies, if any were possible. I turned to Tempus Fugit, and after a brief interview of my situation, I was told I had a case. A video meeting followed, with Attorneys Schipani and Hamdan, the key points were gathered and they quickly put together a course of action. I was hand held and assured through the entire process, as I had never been in such a predicament before, and Alexis consoled me through the entire process as we worked as a team to bring about a quick resolution. I can’t thank Alexis enough for her candidness, tenacity and professionalism. I would highly recommend Tempus Fugit.”

Jocelyn G. – Five-Star Google Review

“Gil at Tempus Fugit Law made the home buying process seem easy. I didn’t have to worry about the details. Even after purchasing my home, I was able to communicate with Gil when I needed quick advice. He was willing to sit down with me at a moment’s notice. I would and will continue to recommend Gil and his team over at Tempus Fugit Law.”

John L. – Five-Star Google Review

“I recently moved into a new apartment and the lease we received contained a number of errors and things that didn’t match up. Gil was able to quickly walk me through exactly what was in the lease and explain what our options were to proceed, as well as what our best option forward was. I highly recommend Gil for anyone looking to get into the real estate market in Boston.”

Julia C. – Five-Star Google Review

“I am a first-time homebuyer and couldn’t have had a better experience. I did everything on my own so was nervous about understanding what I was signing and where my money was going. Throughout the entire process, the firm was responsive and helpful. I always got a quick and helpful answer to what are likely very dumb questions. I was never made to feel like I didn’t know what I was doing and everything was explained to me in a clear way that still respected by intelligence. I must’ve interacted with 4 separate people and enjoyed each and every person and interaction. My closing took no time and was painless. I rarely write Yelp reviews and am doing so in hopes others like me can find a safe and wonderful place for their real estate!”

Eugenia Z. – Five-Star Yelp Review

“Gil is very experienced in condominium disputes. He provided very helpful and insightful legal advice on a convoluted condo dispute. He is very well versed in the MA condo law and litigation and had a lot of great ideas and tips for me. He was attentive, focused, knowledgeable and solution-oriented. He sees the big picture and keeps your best interests in mind while also trying to reduce legal costs and find the most optimal solution to the problem.”

Elias G. – Five-Star Google Review

“Knowledgeable, friendly, and timely. These are three words I would use to describe Tempus Fugit Law. I’ve used them for every closing or refinancing I have had. They always answered my questions in a way that were easy for me to understand and always made me feel comfortable. This is especially challenging when it comes to legal matters so I am very thankful for their guidance.”

Marcin B. – Five-Star Google Review

“I wasn’t even sure if I had a case when my job failed to pay me for my overtime hours multiple times. I reached out to Tempus Fugit Law, took advantage of the free consultation and they were able to help me figure everything out and win my case.”

Adam S. – Five-Star Google Review

“Gil and his team are absolutely incredible. I thought that I didn’t have a chance with my former employer. Not only was Gil and his team incredibly reassuring and confident, but they also took the time to lay out a very detailed plan. I left their office that day with full confidence, and they delivered. Thank you again, everyone!”

Jimmy S. – Five-Star Google Review

“Long story short, I started to slowly notice that my paychecks weren’t adding up.  To add to it, several other coworkers of mine started to notice it as well. We really didn’t know where to go or who to turn to as our employer wasn’t a small company by any means. We found Mr. Gil and his team and after our first meeting, we felt confident for once! Fast forward to the present. Turns out we were owed unpaid wages! Gil and his team helped us out more than we could have imagined. They fight for you tooth and nail, and never take no for an answer or waiver from their commitment. We are so thankful for what they have done and we can’t thank them enough. Thank you, Tempus Fugit Law!”

Pei Z. – Five-Star Google Review

“I am happy with their employment law service and would highly recommend them. Gil and his team are not just incredibly professional, knowledgeable, but also care about you as a person. They are responsive and patient, addressed my concerns and explained everything along the way. I will definitely go back to them if I need a lawyer in the future.”

Robert M. – Five-Star Google Review

“I highly recommend Tempus Fugit Law to other small business owners out there that need help in regard to employment-related guidance.  Gil is extremely knowledgeable about the law and requirements of business owners in MA and was able to provide me with the proper guidance and support to make the best decision for my organization.  I can’t say enough about Gil and Tempus Fugit Law.”

Mahesh K. – Five-Star Google

“Really great experience with Tempus. All of the staff were really helpful and really responsive to all of my inquiries – I would get replies to e-mails within a matter of minutes. Efficient, effective, and professional. Would definitely work with them again in the future.”

Kellen F. – Five-Star Google Review

“Very easy to work with, Gil explained everything to me quickly and perfectly so that I was comfortable with the whole experience.  I’ll happily be calling them again when I have any more legal work that I need to be done.”

Whitney B. – Five-Star Google Review

“Gil and his team were a pleasure to work with. My husband and I bought a business recently and used Gil, David, and Helen. They were responsive at all hours of the day – emailing back on a Friday night and over the weekend. They made sure we were more than covered/protected. Quick story – there was language protecting us for 60 days originally and then Gil’s team changed it to 90. The seller thought it was still 60 and asked for more compensation after the 60 days. The extra 30 days that they put in saved us a lot of money. The seller said to my husband today that he told his lawyer that we had a much better lawyer than him. That certainly made us feel like we made the right choice of working with Gil and his team. They were all very professional and knowledgeable on buying/selling a business. I would highly recommend it to my closest family and friends.”

Murat E. – Five-Star Google Review

“Schipani and his team took my case on very short notice. They were extremely helpful to prepare my case with licensing board. If I ever need any legal services in the future, I would not hesitate to go to them. Overall a great experience.”

McCabe – Five-Star Review

“Alexis is positively brilliant.  She exhibits great skill and knowledge – offering clients her excellent legal experience, creativity and business acumen.  Beyond that, Alexis takes a tireless approach to everything she does with a refreshingly friendly and direct communication style.

Her professional approach is only outweighed by her sincere willingness to determinedly ‘do whatever it takes’ in advocating for her clients – all while ensuring that they completely understand every step and stage of a matter. To put it more plainly: she educates them during the process.

Having worked with many attorneys in the past, it is easy to say that her attention to detail is unmatched and her meticulous research is exhaustive.  She knows what it takes to support her clients in making sound business decisions and her responsiveness is truly impressive.  Overall, Alexis is a valued business partner, trusted advisor of the highest caliber and an absolute joy to work with.”