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Local, state, and federal government bodies are some of the best customers a business can have. Working with these entities also poses unique risks to the contractors and sub-contractors who take on their projects. Terms laid out in government contracts are some of the most complexes and strictly enforced. It is not uncommon for discrepancies surrounding such documents to result in legal action. When local professional individuals and businesses in the Boston area and throughout Massachusetts find themselves in such a circumstance, they rely on our team at Tempus Fugit Law for a government contract disputes attorney.


Our team of specialized attorneys can advocate on your behalf in traditional courtroom settings as well as through alternative dispute resolution (ADR), mediation, and settlement. If you are still considering legal action or anticipate the threat of it, we can help you determine the most effective and economic plan of action to address your issue in a complimentary and confidential consultation. If upfront cost is a deterrent, we may be able to offer our services on a contingency basis. That means our payment is not required until you are compensated for your case.

Find a desirable and legally binding resolution to your government contract dispute with help from our team of specialized attorneys. 

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  • Suspension and Debarment
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"Attorney Hamdan’s background in Federal Court came to bear on our case. She worked extraordinarily long hours on our case, burning the midnight oil to meet super tight deadlines weeks on end. She was an outstanding communicator breaking down legal lingo into small bites with real-life examples and analogies. Her broad experience in business law proved to be invaluable as negotiations with the opposing side required creative negotiation skills and out-of-the-box solutions. Attorney Hamdan’s uncanny use of legal research and ability to speed-read were critical to the case. Attorney Hamdan looks at the legal settlement of business cases as business transactions. She gave us food for thought to weigh the costs and benefits of every decision we made. Her legal advice was always given from a legal and business perspective while communicating candidly with us and assessing the case realistically each week."

Tami – Five-Star Google Review

Really great experience with Tempus. All of the staff were really helpful and really responsive to all of my inquiries - I would get replies to e-mails within a matter of minutes. Efficient, effective, and professional. Would definitely work with them again in the future.

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Very easy to work with, Gil explained everything to me quickly and perfectly so that I was comfortable with the whole experience.  I'll happily be calling them again when I have any more legal work that I need to be done.

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