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Mass Tort Actions:

Mass tort actions can involve hundred to thousands of plaintiffs. These types of cases can be incredibly complicated. The volume and complexity of relevant evidence can be daunting for a company. To pursue a class action, a group of individuals must demonstrate that they have similar injuries and common legal claims against a defendant, usually a business entity. This is best achieved with the professional assistance of an experienced business torts attorney in Massachusetts.

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A class action is pursued by a lead plaintiff, also known as a class representative, on behalf of all persons who were similarly wronged by the defendant. A class representative will work with class counsel and is obligated to always protect the interests of other (absent) class members who have no active role in the litigation.

Mass tort litigation is unpredictable and expensive. We provide clients a coordinated and efficient defense team of business torts attorneys in Massachusetts. Our clients receive in depth factual analysis and investigations to ensure that all available defenses are presented. We further provide electronic management of document libraries and pre-trial jury simulations when appropriate. Extensive experience with complex medical causation issues also enables us to develop proactive defense strategies for our clients.

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"Attorney Hamdan’s background in Federal Court came to bear on our case. She worked extraordinarily long hours on our case, burning the midnight oil to meet super tight deadlines weeks on end. She was an outstanding communicator breaking down legal lingo into small bites with real-life examples and analogies. Her broad experience in business law proved to be invaluable as negotiations with the opposing side required creative negotiation skills and out-of-the-box solutions. Attorney Hamdan’s uncanny use of legal research and ability to speed-read were critical to the case. Attorney Hamdan looks at the legal settlement of business cases as business transactions. She gave us food for thought to weigh the costs and benefits of every decision we made. Her legal advice was always given from a legal and business perspective while communicating candidly with us and assessing the case realistically each week."

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