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In Massachusetts, workers are protected by some of the nation’s strictest labor laws. If your employer has failed to fairly pay you for overtime, you could be eligible for significant compensation. In fact, the Massachusetts Weekly Payment of Wages Act mandates time-and-a-half payment for every hour worked over the standard 40-hour work week, in most occupations. Companies who are found in violation of this law are responsible to pay three times the amount owed as well as legal expenses and court fees. Don’t let your case reach the three-year statute of limitations. Reach out to our team at Tempus Fugit Law to begin working with an overtime payment disputes lawyer in Massachusetts right away.


Don’t let budgetary constraints prevent you from pursuing justice. Contingency-based payment options are available for your legal representation.

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At Tempus Fugit Law, we understand that each case is unique. We begin our personalized process by consulting directly with you to familiarize ourselves with your specific circumstances. In doing so, we can identify key details that will serve as leverage at the negotiation table as well as in court room settings. Our knowledge of excess wage law is so comprehensive, we also specialize in helping companies avoid costly and reputation damaging legal complaints by reviewing their practices and making appropriate adjustments. No matter what your specific need for an overtime dispute lawyer in Massachusetts may be, our legal experts have you covered.

Our status as the go-to firm for an overtime payment dispute lawyer in Massachusetts is regularly renewed though client feedback. Jimmy S. shares his success story, “Long story short, I started to slowly notice that my paychecks weren’t adding up.  […] Fast forward to the present. It turns out we were owed unpaid wages! Gil and his team helped us out more than we could have imagined. They fight for you tooth and nail and never take no for an answer or waiver from their commitment. We are so thankful for what they have done and we can’t thank them enough. Thank you, Tempus Fugit Law!”

Robert M. expresses his satisfaction in our services, “I highly recommend Tempus Fugit Law to other small business owners out there that need help in regard to employment-related guidance.  Gil is extremely knowledgeable about the law and requirements of business owners in MA and was able to provide me with the proper guidance and support to make the best decision for my organization. I can’t say enough about Gil and Tempus Fugit Law.”

Custom Payment Plans to Fit Your Budget

Too often, employees forgo the legal services they need to recover unpaid overtime wages due to perceived expenses. We provide our clients with a wide range of flexible payment options. In many instances, we can defer your out-of-pocket costs completely by taking your case on a contingency basis. For business owners, we can structure our fees in manner that allows you to seamlessly continue operations. As part of our effort to make justice accessible to all, we also offer a variety of ways to work with your overtime payment dispute lawyer in Massachusetts. You can visit our Boston or Duxbury offices, discuss over the phone or meet online. Our lawyers also travel to homes and businesses throughout the area upon request.

To get started working with an overtime payment dispute lawyer in Massachusetts, call us at (617) 752-2371, email team@tflawllc.com or contact us here on our website to request a complimentary legal consultation.

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