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Have you been arrested for a crime? Has a criminal allegation caused you to fear the uncertainties of how the law may affect your future? Do you sense that your Boston/Massachusetts-based Company may be facing an investigation? If so, the best way to protect your rights, your freedom, and/or your company is by consulting with Tempus Fugit Law LLC right now at 617-752-2371. The United States Constitution and the Massachusetts Declaration of Rights guarantees everybody a fair trial, and assumes that all accused persons are innocent until proven Guilty. However, if you are facing Criminal Charges, you need someone who is advocating on your behalf.

If you have been charged with a Criminal Offense, please do not hesitate to contact Tempus Fugit Law LLC today at 617-752-2371.

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Mission Statement

Tempus Fugit Law is an assiduous and industrialist law firm, entrepreneurial in nature and technology driven, we serve clients in key centers of business, real estate, and civil litigation. Tempus Fugit Law serves client worldwide but we ensure great work product by matching great technology with local talent.


We are Entrepreneurs

At Tempus Fugit Law, we understand entrepreneurs because we are one. Our team is available to provide you with pragmatic and proactive advice to assist in the formation of your business, including, but not limited to: Contract Preparation and Review, Employment Issues, Business Litigation, and Capital Rising.

Tempus Fugit Law will provide you with attorney representation, no matter where you are in Massachusetts, or how limited your financial means, through our Limited Assistance Representation (LAR) and

Tempus Fugit Law is located in downtown Boston and is a top-rated law firm. Tempus Fugit law is primarily focused on real estate closings, business services, and civil litigation. We have had great success representing plaintiffs in complex civil litigation, predominately on a contingent fee basis.

Tempus Fugit Law services include: Personal Injury & Medical Malpractice, Auto Accidents & Bike Accidents, Business & Employment Services, Wage/Hour disputes, Discrimination & Employment Litigation, Real Estate Closings & Title Work, and Lease & Development Work, and Summary Process & Eviction litigation. Tempus Fugit Law assists businesses & entrepreneurs in formation, litigation, and sale or transfer in ownership or shares of their business.

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